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S&T will introduce the point of DC blower for you

The mini DC blower be used in many fields. But what characters do these mini fan
have? .

1.The friction of fan is a bit smaller, because of there is only mechanical touch between the bearing and the wheel gear. For the material of selecting, they all have enough intensity just as rotor, case and the cycle of wheel gear. They can run safety and longval.

2.For the structure, there is no friction of impeller inside of the body. And the air of draining without oil. It is a ideal air-pressure source for Chemical industry and Food industry.

3.The air flow is very smaller by the various air pressure when we use it. But the air flow changes with the speed. Therefore, it is wide range for selecting of air pressure. And meet your required of the different air flow through the various speed.

4.The DC blower is higher speed. The gap between the rotor and rotor, or between the rotor and the body is a bit. So there is little leakage, volume rate are higher. The technism strength for the handling and assembling. So it can guaranteed the gap of them to be proper and well-distributed, and get higher effective of volume rate. Furthermore, it is can’t occur friction by the expansions of body when they be heated.


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